Sponsorship Level: 
Community Exhibitor

Reglue rebuilds donated or decommissioned computers to reasonable technology standards and gives them to financially disadvantaged children in the Central Texas area. Ken lives in Taylor Texas and has been active in other projects through the years and is currently heading an effort to bring a sane, easy-to-use front end to the text to speech application, "MaryTTS". Ken is a long-time advocate for the Linux Desktop and has made Reglue the top priority in his life. Reglue is entering its 11th year in July of 2016 and his efforts have placed hundreds of computers across Texas. Ken does not make any money from his efforts at Reglue. When he is asked why he chooses to do this instead of earning the six figures he earned in the past, his reasoning is simple. This is something no one else is doing and it needs to be done.