Friday Schedule

Room 8ab (aka Room 1) Room 9ab (Room 2) Room 9c (Room 3) Room 10ab (Room 4) Exhibit Hall
9:00am Photowalk (Pat David) Setup
10:00am People. Passwords, Process (Alex Juarez) MariaDB 10.1: What's new and what's coming in 10.2 (Colin Charles) Setup
11:00am Open-source photography tools (Pat David) Bringing Blockchain Security to Systems Administration (Michael Beam) Software Patents After Alice: A Long and Sad Tail (Deb Nicholson) Expo Hall Open
12:00pm Lunch Break Expo Hall Open
1:00pm GIMP tutorial (Akkana Peck) Behind Closed Doors: Managing Passwords in a Dangerous World (Noah Kantrowitz) Big Data, DumbOps (Kevin Monroe) Expo Hall Open
2:00pm Technical diagrams in Inkscape (Ted Gould) pfSense - A Beginner's Guide to a Sensible Firewall (Mason Egger) The prototype and the fan club (Rob Landley) Expo Hall Open
3:00pm Will it Blend? A Blender Tutorial (Brian Beck) Using SSH Honey Pots to Datamine Attackers (Reese McJunkin) MySQL & JSON (David Stokes) Expo Hall Open
4:00pm OpenShot 2.0: Linux Video Editing for Everyone! (Jonathon Thomas) The Hotrodder's Guide To Maximum Performance LAMP (Jeremy Sands) The Future of Network File Systems NFSv4.2 and SMB3 (Steve French) Expo Hall Open
5:00pm Graphics Hackathon Habitat: Learning from Configuration Management (JJ Asghar) A Beautiful Build: Releasing Linux Source Correctly (Denver Gingerich) Expo Hall Open

Saturday Schedule

Room 8ab (Room 1) Room 9ab (Room 2) Room 9c (Room 3) Room 10ab (Room 4) Exhibit Hall
9:00am Going Gray: Free Software at 35 (Matt Lee - Creative Commons)
10:00am Introduction to Container Security (Thomas Cameron) Building Android Under Android (Rob Landley) On-Calliday: Un-sucking Your On-Call Experience (Amanda Folsom) Creating Open Hardware Tools (David Anders) Expo Hall Open
11:00am Kubernetes: Suppressing the Container Chaos (Seth Jennings) Time to rethink /proc (Kir Kolyshkin) Understanding "Why?" - Measuring Application Performance in 2016 (EJ Vincent) Creating a stronger community by poisoning your own well (Ell Marquez) Expo Hall Open
12:00pm Lunch Break Expo Hall Open
1:30pm OpenStack Advanced Topics (Spencer Krum) A Walk Through the Hadoop Ecosystem (Mark Greene) Compliance as Code (Sean Carolan) A Noobs Intro to Biohacking (Doug Copeland) Expo Hall Open
2:30pm Creating a Reproducible Build System for Docker Images (Adam Miller) Converge All the Things (Ted Gould) Monitoring 101: Finding Signal in the Noise (Ilan Rabinovitch) Doc like an Egyptian (Dru Lavigne) Expo Hall Open
3:30pm Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Expo Hall Open
4:00pm Open Networking: Linux on a Switch? (Kevin Witherstine) Demystifying Ubuntu development (Dave Chiluk) Managing Networks in a Software-Defined Future (Jeff Gehlbach) LibreOffice Online (Robinson Tryon) Expo Hall Open
5:00pm ACK tcpdump! A primer for beginners (Kent Wolfe) RPerl, Perl 11 and the Future (William Braswell) Improve Your Bash Scripts! (stack) Reglue: Bringing FOSS to Central Texas Families (Carolyn Hulsey) Expo Hall Open
6:00pm Closing Keynote and Lightning Talks Expo Hall Closed
8:00pm After Party