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Doug Copeland
Doug Copeland is currently the system administrator for the Coastal Bend District of the United Methodist Church. He is also expanding his education at Western Governor's University studying Computer Science specializing in Network Security. His support roles have provided him experience in Linux, Mac and Windows environments. His own entry to the 'cyborg' Biohacker culture was recent, augmenting his body with both NFC and RFID chips through 'Dangerous Things' products which were available at the BodyHack Con in Austin, TX this past January. Since implantation Doug has been exploring the device security and application using off the shelf devices. Doug is a frequent participant at San Antonio Hackers Association, Austin 2600, and Austin Hackers Association, as well as organizer for CryptoParty 512, formerly known as CryptoParty San Marcos, currently in the midst of a reboot. He tends to lean towards hardware hacking and exploring the possibilities of wireless security. He is also a co-host of 'SAHA Says', a podcast sponsored and cultivated by San Antonio Hackers Association, where he explores current news topics related to security, technology and digital rights.


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