Denver Gingerich
Denver works part-time managing the technical side of Software Freedom Conservancy's license compliance work, triaging new reports and verifying complete, corresponding source. He also currently works on Soprani.ca, a free software SMS and phone call forwarding tool, as well as financial trading software development on GNU/Linux. His previous roles involved writing system software for hardware companies, including driver writing for the kernel named Linux at ATI (now AMD) and Qualcomm. He founded a company that designs and builds magnetic stripe readers for security hobbyists where he designed the hardware and developed the device's tools and firmware, which are both free software. Denver also writes free software in his spare time, with patches accepted into GNU wdiff, Wine, and Linux. He has previously given talks at CopyCamp Toronto, FOSSLC's Summercamp, the Open Video Conference, LinuxCon North America, and LibrePlanet.


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