Level: Intermediate

The goal of this project is to take a stand alone Linux SSH honey pot server and take it to the cloud and even further. The way we accomplish this is using orchestration technology such as ansible to automatically deploy SSH honeypots to multiple cloud providers, such as: AWS, GCE, & Rackspace. We did this to get a better idea of the type of attacks being launched against cloud providers and how it differs from one vender to another. One area this helps in is when a new security vulnerability is discovered.

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Speaker: Brian Beck
Level: Beginner

A beginner level introduction to Blender 3D. If you've ever wanted to try out Blender 3D but didn't know where to begin, this session is for you. We'll also showcase how to use 2D Inkscape SVG Vector files in Blender 3D, as well as using Blender 3D in Photography Composition.

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