The Future of Network File Systems NFSv4.2 and SMB3


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Network File Systems continue to evolve as improvements to the two dominant protocols, SMB3 and NFS, are developed. This session will explore recent improvements in SMB3 including security enhancements, and new performance and clustering features. For NFS it will describe advances in NFSv4.2 including FlexFiles and copy offload. The open source Linux implementations of the kernel clients for these protocols are among the more actively developed file systems in Linux, and this presentation will discuss what has changed in the client implementations, as well as in the popular Samba file server and nfs kernel server. With recent kernel changes like blazingly fast copy with file range cloning, and kernel support for RichACLs and extended stat (xstat) nearing completion, and the great clustering and HA features in these protocols, it is an exciting time for network attached storage.

Topics will include:
Features and limitations of the SMB3 support in Linux SMB3 client and Samba server
Features and limitations of the NFS client and server in Linux
Understanding differences between the most current versions of the NAS protocols, NFSv4.2 and SMB3.1.1, and which is is better for common use cases.
Recommended configuration choices.

The speaker is a member of the Samba team, and also the author and maintainer of the cifs file system in the Linux kernel (which provides CIFS and SMB3 support for network interoperability with Windows, Mac and various NAS filers). He is a Principal Engineer for Protocols for PrimaryData Inc.