A Walk Through the Hadoop Ecosystem



"Hadoop". What does it mean anymore? The rapid adoption of Hadoop across industries and sectors has generated much excitement. World-wide, companies have embraced Hadoop in ways that only FOSS can be - Improve it. Add to it. Evangelize it!

It is easy for newcomers to be overwhelmed by the number of software projects that surround and support Hadoop today.

In this session we'll sweep and swoop across the beautiful landscape of Hadoop projects and initiatives. We'll look at the project communities too. Understanding how the communities that support these projects work and interact is crucial to being empowered to learn.

You should leave this session believing that the Hadoop ecosystem is amazing, and feel ready to explore and learn more on your own.

About the Presenter
Mark Greene is a Sr. Software Developer for Big Data Systems at Charles Schwab. He is a two-time presenter at the Texas Linux Festival, speaking on Unicode and FOSS Privacy and Encryption.